Pastel Colors
  • Pastel Colors

    Pastel Colors Stripes

    & Cow Print


      1 Sheet = 12 Decals

      Water Decals

      Easy to apply, instructions are included

      Perfect for: Manicure, Gel, Acrylic, Press On Nails


      This item is handmade & MTO (made-to-order). Please allow 3-5 business days (excludes weekends) to process your order. Please understand that some days we experiance high volume & delays may occur, we apologize in advance.


      1. Apply gel base coat & cure

      2. Apply a gel color & cure

      3. Repeat a layer of base coat over color & cure

      4. Cut decal, spray/dip in water & remove back sheet (make sure the decal isn't to wet, lightly tap the decal onto a paper towel to soak up some of the water)

      5. Place decal over tacky nail & smooth out creases

      6. Seal decal by applying another layer of base coat over decal & cure

      7. Top coat & cure

      8. File off any excess & buff nail until it's smooth (you don't want any edges to lift)

      9. Apply final top coat